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About Tim:

Background: My wife and best friend is Jill. I have had several books published on presidents, the Christian faith, and leadership. My interest in presidents stems from being a History professor. Over the years, I’ve been a boss, and I have been bossed around, hence the interest in leadership. I have a Ph.D. and a Masters degree in History from the University of Kentucky. I also received a Masters in Applied Theology from Carson-Newman University.

Hometown: I was born in Charleston, SC, but my dad was in the Navy, so we moved around a little. I arrived in Knoxville, Tennessee many years ago.

Best job ever: I really liked deaning, assistant deaning at Walters State. I only left it so I would have more time for writing, public speaking, and potential church work.

Worst job ever: I did a temp job in an aluminum recycling plant. It was hot, grueling, and mildly dangerous. My only co-worker spoke maybe forty words the entire (single) day I worked there. Because he mumbled so badly, I only understood half of what he said, and probably 70% of that was curse words. I’m pretty sure most of the swearing was directed at me.

My 6 great loves: Jesus, my family, early presidents, greeting cards with apes on them, Japanese food, and martial arts. I am not a complicated man.


For more information about him, his books, or to contact him, visit his website.


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