The Cost of a New You – Bob Bell Blog for 1/2/19

I stole this title from my former pastor.  The cost of a new you involves making some changes.  To do so, we need to start with the end in mind. Like author William Covey said, “Figure out, what you want the end to look like and then work backward.”  This may involve, keeping track of your daily activities (oh no!) Begin to find out what God has placed in your heart as a dream and work towards it.

Now we know that none of this has meaning without God’s hand.  However, God does give your responsibility to carry out the daily tasks of life while keeping His glory in mind.  So, go ahead and write those goals down.  Talk show host, Dave Ramsey says, look at those goals every morning and watch what happens.  Make sure you take time to measure your progress (oh, no!  Did he say that!). By the way, when certain goals are met, take time and celebrate, it’s not a sin to do so.  It’s a recognition that God’s hand is moving in our lives. Journal your success.  Write down new ideas that come to your mind.  Now what daily activity gets you closer to these goals?

Here at the station, I have made a collage that displays my personal goals. It sounds silly, but it gives you visual inspiration to give that extra effort every day.  That extra effort is the cost of a new you. 

Go for it! 

Bob Bell

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