Take a Deep Breath – Bob’s Blog for 7/19/18

Back -2 – School, there I said it!  While all of you are throwing something at your computer screen right now, teachers and administrators, moms and dads are getting ready to go back to school. So, take a deep breath and just embrace it. 

To parents I would like to ask you a question.  When was the last time you prayed for your child’s teachers? Whether its’s a private school, Christian school or public school, these teachers need us to lift them up before the Lord.  After all they have a huge influence on our kids.  And by the way, I want to offer a special encouragement for those that home school.   You’ve taken of a huge responsibility for your children’s education, and I pray that you are not weary or well-doing. 

Wouldn’t it be great that your kids knew that you were praying for them – the students too?  Remember parents – your children’s prime source of education comes from you.  The teachers are there to assist you. 

This year, my youngest daughter will be teaching math to 5thgraders in upper East Tennessee.  That very fact makes her a hero.  Ok, not just because she is my daughter, but for Pete’s sake she teaches MATH TO FIFTH GRADERS. 

So, this school year is coming; you may as well smile and dive in! Don’t forget to have fun. Learning should be a lifetime pursuit.  I’m still trying to remember that.  (Please don’t get mad at me for mentioning back to school).

Your friend,


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