Summer Celebrations and Vacations

Summertime… it’s here!  In more ways than one, we are going to celebrate our freedoms: Flag Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July.   These special days are all important to us and we are going to celebrate our families with reunions and gatherings and homecomings of all kinds.  I want to encourage you to do something this summer that has taken me 30 years to learn. Slow down, enjoy one day at a time, and squeeze every bit of enjoyment out of it as you can.  For those of you with school age kids, learn to take note every day and how fun it is to do things together as a family.  You may have a trip to the mountains, or the beach, or exotic destinations like Seymour.  Just cool it and have fun. 

Another thing is to be flexible.  Plans may change but that’s ok.  Roll with the punches and enjoy the moment.  The Bible talks about redeeming the time so live in the moment and enjoy God’s gift of life

Enjoy God’s gift of Creation, enjoy God’s gift of family, enjoy God’s gift of freedom.  Allow yourself to recharge.  There is plenty of time for checking the box on every task you have.  As you do that, take time to relish every moment. 

Summer time doesn’t have to wear you out.  It’s a time to refocus, recalibrate and refresh. 

Go for it!

Bob Bell

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