Seasons Change

Aren’t you glad seasons change? In East Tennessee, we are blessed to have 4 distinct seasons. Fall is one of my favorites. Our lives have changed. Our position in life changes. Friends enter and exit our lives. Word events offer the view that things are constantly changing.  We saw in Las Vegas, how people were savagely murdered with no apparent explanation.  We have an oppressive dictator in North Korea threatening everyone around him.  Football teams change, Hollywood changes.  Politics change.  Everything changes! 


Isn’t it awesome that the One who orchestrates the changing of the seasons never changes?  He is always sovereign.  He is always right, He is always good.  He is always God.  Yet it is He who once again causes the leaves to change their colors, the air to change it barometric pressure, and sometimes for us to change our hearts.  As you read this, you may feel a bit lost and discouraged amidst a chaotic changing world, but remember, He hasn’t changed His mind about you.    To find out what God thinks of your, read Psalm 139. Take a breath and realize He knows your name, where you are, what you are doing, what you are struggling with.


Ecclesiastes 3 tells us there is a time and a place for every season under Heaven.  What change do you need to make today?  What are you waiting on? Life is short. Let’s honor Him with every breathe we take. I’ll try. Hope you will too!


Bob Bell

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