25 Years… Really?!

Bob’s Blog for 3/21/18

It seems like just yesterday, I pulled into the parking lot at WRJZ for the first time, on my first day as a new employee.  The Blizzard of 93, had just hit the previous 2 days.  My vehicle was of only 2 or 3 on the street that morning.  I came in at 6:30am and did a 1-hour show, called Morning Magazine.  Since then, the program has grown from 1 to 2 hours, and we have met a train load of new friends along the way. We can in contact with great men like John Hanna, Dr. Matt Prince, Dr. J. Harold Smith, Doug Sager, and others that have now gone on to the Lord.  I learned so much from these men, as they poured into my life. 

Fast forward 25 years.  Recently we celebrated a quarter of a century of the Bob Bell Show.  I’ve gone from wearing suspenders and a power tie to wearing jeans and Chocos.   We picked up many other friends along the way, such as East Tennessee’s Barney Fife – Sammy Sawyer, County Mayor Tim Burchett, local 8’s Alan Williams, talk show host, Hallerin Hill, Phil Williams, Channel 10’s Bill Williams, Ken Schwall, Missy Kane, Channel 6’s Matt Hinkin and Lori Tucker, Thersa Smith and Bo Williams. So many Godly people who have been a part of what we do.  But when I think of the staff at Joy620—that’s when I really smile.  I thank God, for the people like the late Larry Richmond, Sam Truan, David Wells current staff members like General Manager John Adams, Becky Mills, Marshall Stewart, Dave Clabo and unofficial staff member Jenny Bushkell.  What you as a listener needs to understand, is that the Lord has assembled a group of special people to accomplish a unique task.  Getting you to work, school or play with a smile on your face, knowing to whom you belong. 

My wife, Meg, has been and integral part of encouraging me every day when things have been tough.  

My thanks also to Tom Moffit, who in 1993, at a restaurant on Western Ave.  helped me how to learn big dreams. 

To all of those involved… you are all to blame.  Ha Ha Ha.  “I thank my God, for every remembrance of You.” I’ve had so much fun doing the Bob Bell Show, it’s been so much fun, let’s do another 25 years! 

All Glory goes to God for his faithfulness.

Bob Bell – – Your morning host for 25 years.


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