Random Thoughts – Bob’s Blog 9/5

Buckle your seat belts, this blog going to be everywhere. 

Random thought #1:
Thou shalt not drink pumpkin spice while it is still 90 degrees outside. I know I will have thousands disagree, but that’s ok.  I like pumpkin spice as good as the next guy or gal but let’s at least get to October. If you decide to drink pumpkin spice right now, more power to you. 

Random thought #2:
Rome was not built in a day.  This is a reference to Tennessee’s football team.  I am the eternal disgusting optimist.  I know we are heading for a championship season, I just don’t know when.  Hey Jarrett!  Please fix the chin strap on your helmet so that it will remain secure when one of our offensive linemen blows his assignment.

…. Alright let’s move on.

Random thought #3:
The other day I saw a double rainbow, so I want to ask God, does that mean you are keeping two promises.  There is nothing like what you see in East Tennessee.

Random Thought #4:
Unless there is a traffic jam, it is not cool to go 45 miles per hour in the left-hand lane of the interstate.  Some of us obsess about getting to our destination on time.

Random Thought #5:
Again, in driving.  It is really, really not cool to stare at our text messages while going 70 miles per hour. And for those of you that have dogs, it is not cool for you to have them on your lap as you go 70 miles per hour. Dogs are smart, but they cannot help you drive, they can help you have an accident. 

Random Thought #6:
It is cool to make new friends by jumping in and helping someone carry their groceries or try talking to someone in the elevator without looking like a creep.  Make sure the conversation is safe.

Random Thought #7
And finally, ask yourself this question.  Do you bring joy wherever you go or whenever you go? 

Got to go now.  Got to get ready to fix some pumpkin spice.  See number #1.

That’s all for now.

Love you guys,


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