Praise Worthy – Bob’s Blog 11/5/18

Welcome to the season of thankfulness.  I’ve spoken to physician over the years and told them that I tend to feel better after I have sung praise to God. They have all replied with pretty much the same response.  When you have a thankful heart, and your express that gratitude to God and other people, your body has a positive reaction.  Fact is, Dr. Jeff McMichael – my personal family physician, says that singing praises to God helps to release endorphins.  That puts you in positive attitude with a more optimistic outlook. 

In this season of thanks, let’s look diligently for reasons to praise God. Even if you are in your car in a traffic jam, find those blessings God has given you and cut loose with a song of thanks.  Regardless of what you are going through, a song of thanks can be just the perfect medicine.  I’m not trying to be Pollyanna, because I realize sometimes life hurts.  At the end of the day, thank God that you belong to him and that he has your back.  Thank God for the family you still have.  Thank God for the beauty of East Tennessee.  Thank God for your job if you have one.  Thank God for your food, and the very air that you breathe.  And today, when you take in that breath, breathe out a prayer of thanks.  I’m not Dr. Bob, but I know this medicine will work.

Praise God!

Bob Bell

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