More Than Cliché’s

Jesus is the Reason for the Season, The Baby is Also the Savior, Born to Die That We Might Live.  I know, I know… you hear these phrases a lot. But believe me, they are more than clichés. 

Stop and think a minute.  Do you really believe that the “word became flesh and made his dwelling among us?” (John 1:14) Do you really believe that the one who spoke this universe into existence was also a tiny baby in an ancient feeding through?  Do you really believe that Mary held in her arms, the One whose blood would be spilt 33 years later for the forgiveness of your sins?  Do you really believe, after His death that He rose on the third day?  Do you really believe that this infinite God-man will one day return?

I don’t want you to just answer these questions off hand or frivolously.  I want you to consider if you REALLY believe.  In this case it means to trust in, rely upon, and depend upon.  Now may I share something with you?  Your faith is only as good as the object in which it is placed.  If your faith is placed in this infinite God-man, then your faith is well placed.  If your faith is only placed in the mere surroundings of Christmas, then you may have a problem. 

This Christmas season, I want you to not have “Ricky Bobby” theology.  You are not trusting in one who simply remained a child but was and is everything God the Father wanted Him to be.  You can believe He is The Savior not a savior.   He is The Way, not a way.  With that we say, a REAL Merry Christmas. 

God’s blessing to you and your family. 

Bob Bell

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