Let’s Move On, Shall We

Bob Blog – 4/26/19

Can you smell it?  The smells of spring (aahh-choo!)

That’s the sign of flowers blooming, trees growing and things changing. Recently at WRJZ, we had an answer to 20 years of prayer.  Along with AM 620 that reaches 9 counties, we are also blessed to have 102.5FM reaching people in Knox county that have never listened.  Just to show how God works, he also gave us 99.5FM in Sevierville.  And if that’s not enough, many of you stream on a regular basis at wrjz.com. 

All I can say is THANK YOU, Lord!  We are hearing about new listeners that are coming aboard every day.  These are people that are hungry for the Bible and wanted to grow in their faith.  The mission of teaching God’s word so that it changes our lives is what we have been about since the beginning. 

May I be honest with you?  This format is usually isn’t the most exciting on the dial.  But the truth is that God has made the words of scripture explode into the air and all-over East Tennessee.  I’m so glad I can be a small part of it along with you. The truth is that without those of you that listener, what we do at WRJZ would mean nothing.  So, let me take a moment to say thank you from all of us at WRJZ. Our staff works so hard to make things happen for His honor and His glory.

As for the other teachers and pastors you hear on the air, please take a moment and go to their websites and communicate to them how much you appreciate their ministries on WRJZ.  There is more to come…

As the Beaver said in the Chronicles of Narnia, “The King is on the move.” 

Bob Bell

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