It’s No Accident

Recently, a man in Allen, TX was searching the internet to find inspiration during a time in his life when he was getting ready to say goodbye to his mother who was terminally ill.  By “accident,” this man found my blog written in the spring of this year entitled, “The King is on the Move.”  By “accident,” his daughter had written and performed a song with virtually the same title.  All of these events served to encourage this man. Recently he wrote to us to share this experience.  Steve Ciesielski shared his daughter’s song with us, “The King is on the Move,” which was recorded at the University of Nations recording studio in Khona, HI late 2015.  By “accident,” she just happened to be studying there for a WHYWAM Mission Trip.  I listened to her recording with great appreciation. This young lady poured her heart out into a song that should be played on radio station across the globe (my opinion.). Right now, in the UK on UCB2 and JOYFUL FM in South Africa, Broken Chain FM in Zambia and the US Voice of Hope.

Jenn Ciesielski is taking a song with a hope of Christ return to the world. But you and I know that it is NO accident.  A sovereign God doesn’t deal in accidents.  It’s no accident, that a census was called that forced Joseph and Mary to be registered in the city of David.  It is no accident, that Mary’s cousin, Elizabeth, had a baby 6 months prior who would eventually baptize Jesus.  It’s no accident, that Jesus would encounter the woman in the well at Samaria.  It’s no accident that the woman with the issue of blood, just happened to be in a place where she could reach out and touch the hem of his garment.  It’s no accident, that Jesus’ death on the cross, coincided with the very moment, that the veil of the temple was torn from top to bottom.  And frankly, I believe that it’s no accident, that YOU are reading this blog. Come to Him today.  Allow His sovereign hand to guide you. 

At WRJZ, we pray that you know his salvation. Feel free to write back to us at

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Bob “Jingle” Bell
And that’s no accident.

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