It’s all about the WORD

I really like February. We have interesting weather, we celebrate Black History Month, and celebrate Black History Month.  And we even pay special attention to our sweethearts. You may know by now, but my brain tends to work in an unusual way.  My mind is so messed up, I found a way to connect all of these celebrations to the word of God. 

We celebrate President’s Day and think of some of our commander and chief who have made an impact on our nation.  Most all of our presidents, have at least had an appreciation for the Word of God.  Our Constitution and founding principles, have a distant connection to scripture.  Each of our Presidents, have promised to uphold and defend the constitution while their hand was on a Bible.  Regardless of who is in the White House, we need to lift them up in prayer. 

Look at all the great historical figures who are African Americans, who have made a profound impact on our nation.  The first that comes to mind is Martin Luther King, Jr., whose speeches were commonly based on the word or God.  Harriet Tubman, put her life on the line so that others could be free.  George Washington Carver, used his intellect and entrepreneurial spirit to develop methods and products that revolutionized our economy.  Even the art of invention, goes back to the Chief Inventor.  Who do you think placed the ability to have “creativity” in our heart. 

Finally, there is the idea of showing love and appreciation to your sweetheart.  I know that 1 Corinthians 13, is not just written for husbands and wives but for all of us who are part of the body of Christ.  However, we are commanded by the word of God, to show love and appreciation to our spouses (sweethearts.).

Yes, we celebrate a lot of things in February, and our celebrations always go back to the Word.  Maybe we should read the word of God more often.  Maybe we should also do what it says.

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