How Bad is it REALLY?

Back on September 16th, my heart sank as the heart of many Vol fan as we watched the Florida quarterback throw a 63-yard dagger. Once again, Tennessee has lost to the gators in the swamp. I had just eaten tacos, and I declare to you that those tacos almost made a reappearance. I kept saying softly, “Why, why, why, why, why?” Needless to say… I was upset. 

It occurred to me, that a 13-year-old foster car kid was sitting next to me (fortunately I do not cuss anymore).  This child had been through more than any child should.  Her two little sisters were also playing in the same room, happily making something out of playdoh.  This 13-year-old child had been listening as I lamented and responded, “Really Bob?  Is it really that bad?”  Suddenly, a perspective began to wash over my emotions as I recalled what this child had been though.  Before answering her I paused for about 10 seconds and sheepishly grinned, “No, it really isn’t THAT bad.”  The sun will shine tomorrow, Jesus will still be on His throne, and He still loves us.”

I will be the first to tell you, that for every UT football game, I will still loudly coach the players from my living room.  I will support the Big Orange with great passion.  I will hope for a miracle appearance in Atlanta. BUT, because of this one child and her comment, I will try to keep my perspective. 

Happily, this child will probably be adopted soon, along with her two younger sisters.  The life they lived just 3 years ago will begin to slip into the distance past, though the scares will be there.  They have already received the gift of family.  That my friends, is God teaching ME a lesson in life.  Oh yes!  Even as this age, I have a lot to learn.  

And NO, it really isn’t THAT Bad.

Bob Bell
John 10:10

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