Hey Lazarus!

Bob Blog for 3/27/18

Do you remember the book of John Chapter 11 when Lazarus was raised from the dead?  What was that like?  Jesus said that He is the resurrection and the life.  If you belong to Him, even if you die, you will live (Bob’s paraphrase).

I love Resurrection Day, about as much as I love Christmas.  Jesus gave us a preview of his resurrection when he raised Lazarus from the dead.  There is a difference.  So far as we know, Lazarus died again.  Jesus who was raised from the dead, is STILL alive.  No doubt Lazarus is celebrating at the throne of Jesus now, but we must remember, Lazarus was a follower of Jesus even before he died the first time.  What must it have been like, to walk out of a cold cave, with your grave clothes still on.  When Jesus shouted, “Lazarus, come forth,” what did that voice sound like?  In another part of John, Jesus stated, my sheep know my voice, and that shows ownership.

 I believe there will be a day when we will know the answers to these questions.  Those of us who belong to Christ, will know his voice.  I don’t know about you but that brings a smile to my face.

Now I could take time and complain about the Easter Bunny and chocolate Cadbury Crème eggs and commercialism, but I will just leave that to everyone else (I do like Cadbury Eggs!). I just want to take a moment, to wish you and your family, a happy Resurrection Day.  Remember, Jesus offered proof of purchase in the redemption process when he walked out of that grave.  And finally remember, just as the disciples were watching him ascend to haven in the book of ACTS, two angels reminded them, that this same Jesus who ascended into Heaven, will one day return in the clouds.  When that happens, maybe we can ask Lazarus, “Hey, what was that like?”

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