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In my last blog, before the Covid 19 shutdown, I said, please don’t panic, pray, be careful, wash your hands, eat your spinach, and pray!

Many will look at my last post here and cry out for my head!  I hear you, but I maintain that panic is never the answer.  I still believe II Timothy 1:17 is still God’s unchangeable truth.  “God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and love, and of a sound mind”.  

  I have certainly had fear, but it will not dominate my every thought.  Having a battle with fear and living in the spirit of fear are two different things!  I feel brokenhearted for the millions who’ve lost jobs.  I am devastated by knowing that thousands have died due to this virus.  I am distressed by knowing thousands more have taken their own life during this pandemic, because of the loss of income and self-worth.  Even with all those emotions, here I stand, refusing to give into the spirit of fear.  Here in Tennessee, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  That light has always been there with God’s steadfast truth!

   You see…that’s not the end of this story.  God’s Church has stepped up in amazing ways by feeding the hungry, caring for the sick, comforting the lonely, and helping those who are most vulnerable stay safe.  As we begin to carefully “unfold” this economy, I urge you to express thankfulness to our faithful Father.  The hands & feet of Jesus have been quite active displaying the love of Christ!  

  And finally, I will NEVER take for granted the assembling of the Church!  I know we’ve met online through social media or Zoom, but it is NOT the same as being present with one another.  The First-century Christians knew this well as they were scattered by persecution, they still strove to meet together.  God has wired us for fellowship with one another.  Whenever that first re-gathering of your local church body occurs, I pray you will take in the moment, and praise God fervently!  Brighter days are certainly ahead…get ready and continue to pray!


Love, Your brother in Christ,


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