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Ukrainian Seminary President: Almost 400 Baptist Churches in Ukraine Wiped Out by Russian Invasion
Thursday August 18th, 2022 09:28:54 PM by Steven.Warren

Crimea 'Sabotage' Highlights Russia's Woes in Ukraine War
Wednesday August 17th, 2022 09:28:37 AM by Emily.Jones

Satanist Has a Vision of Jesus, Gets Delivered from Addiction and Suicide: 'I Felt This Love and This Joy from God'
Tuesday August 16th, 2022 04:59:00 PM by Ben.Gill

Fire at Cairo Coptic Church Kills 41, Including 15 Children
Sunday August 14th, 2022 04:26:51 PM by Ben.Gill

'I'll Keep Serving God Till My Last Breath': Indian Pastor Reports Cops Persecuted, Beat, and Drove Him From His Home
Friday August 12th, 2022 07:22:20 PM by Steven.Warren

Ben Shapiro Breaks Down 'Deepest Problem of Atheism': 'Far More Murderous and Tyrannical Than Any Religious Theocracy in History'
Saturday August 6th, 2022 11:50:49 AM by Andrea.Morris

'Pray for God's Protection': ECWA 2022 Report Reveals 6 Pastors, Dozens of Nigerian Christians Killed, Kidnapped for Their Faith
Wednesday August 3rd, 2022 06:15:38 PM by Andrea.Morris

'I Heard Them Laughing Again': Orphan's Promise Center Opens in Poland, Brings Hope to Kids Traumatized by Russia's War Crimes
Monday August 1st, 2022 07:24:42 PM by Ben.Gill

Pope Says He'll Slow Down or Retire: 'You Can Change a Pope'
Saturday July 30th, 2022 01:19:06 PM by Andrea.Morris

'It's a Miracle': Orphan's Promise Hostages Released After Being Beaten and Tortured, 'Prayers Still Needed'
Saturday July 30th, 2022 12:13:08 AM by Ben.Gill

Ministry Reports 100 Million Salvations Milestone: Results Matter to God and They Should Matter to Us Too
Friday July 29th, 2022 08:59:16 PM by Steven.Warren

Feared Gangster Known as 'The Stabber' Finds Faith Through Fearless Chaplain: 'There Is Hope in Jesus Christ'
Thursday July 28th, 2022 06:31:53 PM by Ben.Gill

'Please Pray for God's Protection': Orphan's Promise Aid Workers Taken Hostage by Cruel Russian Militia
Thursday July 28th, 2022 04:24:17 PM by Steven.Warren

VINDICATED: 'Slam Dunk Win' for Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski Who Was Repeatedly Jailed
Thursday July 28th, 2022 12:55:19 PM by Ben.Gill

Islamic Extremists Murder Christian, Brutally Attack Church Service After 8 Muslims Choose Jesus
Tuesday July 26th, 2022 07:22:06 PM by Steven.Warren

Psychologist Jordan Peterson Says Society Is Harming Boys, and the Church Must Save Them: 'That's Your Holy Duty'
Tuesday July 26th, 2022 06:46:05 PM by Andrea.Morris

Chinese Government Destroys Church for Resisting Communist Party's Demands
Tuesday July 26th, 2022 01:35:53 PM by Steven.Warren

UK Mayoral Candidate Fired for Christian Beliefs: 'A Crushing Message to Anyone Who Believes in Christian Marriage'
Monday July 25th, 2022 08:25:08 PM by Andrea.Morris

'GOD ALONE Turned the Tide of This Battle': Pastor John Gray Praises the Lord for His Healing After Leaving Hospital
Thursday July 21st, 2022 06:30:44 PM by Steven.Warren

Are the Biblical End Times Upon Us? The Shocking Russia-Iran Moment That Just Caused Ezekiel 38 to Trend
Wednesday July 20th, 2022 04:23:32 PM by Ben.Gill

Youth Group from 4 Maryland Churches 'Safe', Leaving Panama After Being Stranded for Days in Hotel Amid Protests
Tuesday July 19th, 2022 08:36:42 PM by Andrea.Morris

100+ FL Churches File Lawsuit to Leave United Methodist Church After 70 GA Churches Left in June
Tuesday July 19th, 2022 07:31:21 PM by Steven.Warren

Aventer Gray Praises God and the Power of Prayer That Has Kept Pastor John Gray Alive: 'God Is Doing Miraculous Things'
Monday July 18th, 2022 08:59:33 PM by Andrea.Morris

1,400 Choose Christ During Franklin Graham's 'God Loves You' Tour in UK: 'Put Your Faith and Trust in Him'
Monday July 18th, 2022 06:29:56 PM by Andrea.Morris

We Might Be Weak, But We're Still Anointed
Saturday July 16th, 2022 07:07:22 PM by Andrea.Morris

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