Can You Feel It?

Is it me or do you feel a reawakening?

I feel it.  Here in our corner of the world, the sunshine warms our heart, the kids have finished their social distancing school year, and believe it our not, some healing is taking place.  We are beginning to see a grand reopening of our economy.  Even though many of our neighbors have lost their jobs, I am beginning to feel hope again.  God has been gratuitous to bring us through this time with a greater appreciation for the work we do.  Here at the radio station, we have been blessed.  God has driven new listeners to our platforms.  We have seen even more people who would like to partner with us to teach the Bible and grow people in their faith.  Some of those who have lost their jobs are going back to work or are finding something new.  It has been a reset for us. 

Do not get me wrong, I am not in anyway saying we are through getting through this pandemic. But we can see or feel that healing is taking place.  The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, was asked about Covid-19 death rate falling in his state and does he attribute that to people praying.  He answered quite frankly, “The people did that, God did not do that.” But we know better don’t we!  God’s grace has been seen in ever aspect of this battle.  Many of us who will look at this year through biblical eyes will clearly see that the hand of God has been with us even in the hardest times. 

Now I can sense a reawakening spiritually, mentally, physically.  I don’t know about you but even though we have experienced pain, we have also experienced unspeakable joy. Let’s move thanksgiving up a few months.  How about we hit our knees in a prayer of thanks as we humble ourselves before the One who has been gracious to us.  By the way, thankfulness is another way to heal.  Let’s continue the healing and encourage others. 


Can you feel it?

Bob Bell

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