Bob’s Blog for 1/8/18

     I have observed for years what happens when we, as a society, continue to insist that there are NO absolutes.  Many of the people who preach this faulty message, do so with great passion and conviction.  They speak of a world with no absolutes as though they have found freedom.  In fact, what most find is a trap. 

     For instance, haven’t we heard many (not all) in Hollywood proclaim there is no absolute right or wrong.  Then last year, the story breaks (as if we didn’t know) that a powerful Hollywood producer often misused his power and influence to fulfill his own lust for pleasure.  Suddenly, when abuse of power became common knowledge, those who would describe themselves as “progressive” found themselves having to admit that indeed there are absolutes.  It is absolutely wrong to use your power and try to force another human being to do something they don’t want to do.  It is absolutely wrong to have actors and actresses black bowled if they refuse to cover up the actions of such a man.  So now, progressives are faced with a dilemma of having to acknowledge that adultery, rape, and blackmail is absolutely wrong!

     A few years ago, I was listening to Josh McDowell, a great Christian apologist, who spoke of his experiences with a freshman philosophy class as a university.  He asked an open question to the students in the classroom if Adolph Hitler was absolutely wrong in overseeing the murder of 6 million Jews.  He was shocked to find that he couldn’t get any in his class to admit it was wrong.  They admitted they wouldn’t do it and that it was really bad but because of their training in this class, they could not say that something this hanise was absolutely wrong. 


         One of the greatest things about God’s word, is that it doesn’t worry about what my opinion is, it is absolutely dependable and true.  God’s word clearly admonishes us to “choice life” Even Jesus said in John 10:10 “The thief comes to kill and destroy, but I have come so that they might have life.”  The 7th commandment says, we should keep our hands to ourselves and respect God’s plan for our relationships.  The book of revelations states over and over, that this is one final judge and He WILL judge.  The good news is, there can also be freedom and forgiveness, not found in the doctrine of no absolutes, but found only in the heart of the one who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  If that sounds like a narrow minded rant, I will simply say, “thank you,  absolutely.”


Bob Bell

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