This Week's Guest


Co-Host Jenny Bushkell 

Guest: George Waller, Head of Berean Christian School

Topic: What we believe and why?


Tuesday: 2/09

Guest: Chris Edmonds, son of Roddy Edmonds

Topic: Righteous among the Nations


Wednesday: 2/10

Guest: Todays Word Church and Pastor Chris Stephens of Faith Promise Church

Topic: You ought to be in pictures


Thursday: 2/11

Guest: Open phones

Topic: What is Love?


Friday: 2/12

Guest: Film producer Tim Mahoney on Patters of Evidence

Topic: Evidence

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About Bob Bell

Bob Bell is a father of three grown children and a husband to one wife since 1984. He is a former alcoholic, former drug addict and recovering "fat-boy". Bob serves as a deacon, home-group facilitator and bass in the Grace Worship Ministries at Grace Baptist Church, Knoxville TN. 

Our Goal at the Bob Bell Show is to get you to work, school or play with a smile on your face, knowing to whom you belong.

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Bob keeps you updated every morning with the most dependable traffic and weather updates in East Tennessee.  Our eye in the sky, Pete Michaels, will let you know what's happening on the roads.  WATE's Matt Hinkin will provide you with frequent updates of Knoxville's most accurate weather forecast.

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Hope Resource Center is asking 500 men to take action for the greater good of humanity by saving the lives of children and supporting the ministry of Hope Resource Center.

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